Photography Books

"Photography is a love affair with life" (Burk Uzzle)

I began collecting photography books when I was living in Paris, where many great photography exhibitions occur all year long.
I used to buy the "catalogues" of these exhibitions, which introduced me in collecting art books.

Berenice Abbott (American)

  • Berenice Abbott I et II
    Publisher : Steidl

Ansel Adams (American)

Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Mexican)

  • El artista, su obra, sus tiempos
    Publisher : Banamex

Kevin Amato (American)

Diane Arbus (American)

  • In the beginning
    Publisher : The MET

Fan Ho (Chinese)

Saul Leiter (American)

Richard Avedon (American)

Alex Webb (American)

  • The suffering of light
    Publisher : Aperture

William Klein (French-American)

George S. Zimbel (American)

Franck Bohbot (French)

Sergio Larrain (Chilean)

Jacques Henri Lartigue (French)

  • D’air et d’eau,
    Publisher : Hazan

Stephen Shore (American)

  • Uncommon Places – The complete works
    Publisher : Aperture

Ara Güler (Armenian– Turkish)

Peter Cox (Irish)

Peter Dazelay (English)

Marion Dubier Clark (French)

  • Polaroids From New York to New Orleans,
    Publisher : auto-édition
  • Polaroids From San Francisco to Los Angeles

Ralph Eugene Meatyard (American)

Fred Herzog (German)

Walker Evans (American)

Jean Dieuzaide (French)

Christopher Thomas (German)

  • New York Sleeps,
    Publisher : Prestel

Andrew Moore (American)

Elliott Erwitt (American)

  • Elliott Erwitt’s New York,
    Publisher : teNeues
  • Unseen
    Publisher : teNeues

Pentti Sammallahti (Finnish)

Willy Ronis (French)

Greg Girard (Canadian)

  • City of darkness revisited
    Publisher : Watermark
  • In the Near Distance
    Publisher : Kominek Gallery

Tyagan Miller (American)

Marcel Bovis (French)

Brassaï (Hungarian)

Guy Tillim (South-African)

  • Avenue Patrice Lumumba,
    Publisher : Prestel
  • Second Nature,
    Publisher : Prestel

Jean-Loup Sieff (French)

  • Jean-Loup Sieff,
    Publisher : Taschen

William Eggleston (American)

Ernst Haas (Austrian)

  • Color Correction,
    Publisher : Steidl

Henk Van Rensbergen (Belgian)

  • Abandoned places (2),
    Publisher : Lannoo

Vivian Meier (American)

Yūji Saiga (Japanese)

Jamel Shabazz (American)

Tim Parchikov (Russian)

Weegee (Arthur Fellig, American)

  • Dans la collection Berinson
    Publisher : Gallimard
  • The Weegee guide to New York
    Publisher : Prestel

Joel Meyerowitz (American)

Jacques Borgetto (French)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (French)

Robert Frank (Swiss-American)

  • The Americans,
    Publisher : Steidl

Chris Killip (Manx)

Andre Kertész (Hungarian - American)

Mike Brodie (American)

Gregory Crewdson (American)

  • Sous la surface des roses,
    Publisher : Textuel

Gordon Parks (American)

  • Une histoire américaine
    Publisher : Actes Sud

Bill Brandt (English)

  • Shadow and Light
    Publisher : MoMA

Todd Hido (American)

  • On Landscapes, Interiors, and The Nude
    Publisher : Aperture

Ragnar Axelsson (Icelandic)

  • Last Days of the Arctic
    Publisher : Crymogea

Jean Dieuzaide (French)

Watabe Yukichi (Japanese)

Other books (various photographers)

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